CONNECTED LANDSCAPE: interactive research tool

To successfully design for the future of mobility, it is essential to consider broader market trends and implications within surrounding industries, as well as the complex interplay between them. The Connected Landscape is a resource for service innovation teams at Audi to pull inspiration and best practices from analogous opportunities.

Click here or on the image above to access the live interactive version of the Connected Landscape. For best results, view on a desktop computer or tablet. 

Before synthesis of the research into a more polished format, it was important to understand the breadth of existing companies and products on the market. I explored and documented over 300 different 'connected' products and services across all different categories, which then helped to define common themes and sub-categories. Many of the most inspirational and exciting products were later included in the final research visualization.
Once the seven core categories of the Connected Landscape we're agreed upon, I began to prioritize 4-6 key sub-topics per category which were of the greatest relevance. 
The design was refined towards a more interactive format, which enables a user to access manageable amounts of information at one time and dive deeper into topics of interest.
The prototype and content were handed off to a development team, who created an interactive HTML version of the research visualization. A shift towards a dark-themed UI was made during the last round to align with Audi's preferred corporate identity. 
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